About Henry Gray

Henry Gray is a stone carver and artist with firm roots in traditional craft.

Henry has a creative and artistic family background and has been greatly influenced by his mother, illustrator Corinna Sargood and by his grandparents, the food writer Patience Gray and the Flemish Sculptor Norman Mommens.

He trained at Weymouth College where he studied masonry, architectural carving and letter cutting.  He has been carving for over 20 years and was part of the team working on restoring the West Front of Salisbury Cathedral.

For the last 10 years he has had his own studio, making individual commissions and passing his enthusiasm and skills on to others.

He likes to work closely with the client to make a unique piece of work and deems his interest and practice of meditation are reflected the quality of his work.



Figurative sculpture

Relief carving

Coats of arms

Religious icons

Abstract art

Conceptual pieces

Portraiture in clay, bronze or stone



‘Angel & Wretch’. 2.4m tall, gilded Portland limestone - speculative sculpture depicting an ambiguous relationship between the profane and the divine.

Memorials & Inscriptions



Commemorative plaques


House signs and dates

Pet memorials

War Memorials



In 2011, Henry Gray designed and managed a project to create a large memorial for members of the UK’s Special Forces. In August that year the memorial was unveiled by the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.


Architectural Carving

Garden features:

Whispering seats




Church commissions:




Early English stiff leaf decoration.

Architectural decorations



If you would like to commission a stone carving please contact us directly to discuss the project.



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