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Creating memorials of celebration and commemoration


We work with bereaved families to make a fitting memorial for their loved ones.  We create a design which represents and celebrates the life of the deceased. People can be involved in both the design and the carving of the memorial itself.

We use traditional hand tools and techniques with carefully chosen materials. All lettering and design work are hand drawn and carved, making each memorial unique.


At an initial meeting there will be an opportunity to talk about the life or lives of those to be commemorated, giving a clearer idea of what is fitting for the memorial.  At this point we can also discuss the requirements and any ideas including design and inscription.

A proposal and estimate will be provided with no obligation and from there an initial drawing will be produced.


Costs quoted will include; design, materials, carving and fixing the stone in position, licences and permissions (where needed).

The cost of a gravestone can range between £2,000 - £4,500, depending on size, material, lettering, design and finish. We usually invoice at key points throughout the process, therefore spreading the cost.

Larger commissions with additional carving or sculpture will be priced accordingly as will smaller items, such as grave markers and plaques.











Gray's Stone Carving Studio takes large commissions for; memorials, plaques, sculptures, garden features and architectural decorations for individual clients and institutions, such as the military.

We have a collaborative approach to all work undertaken, whatever the project. The only restriction on what can be made is dictated by the material and the imagination. All lettering is hand drawn and carved, and each job is unique.

To enquire about your bespoke design and quote please contact us today. All lettering is hand drawn and carved, and each job is unique.








Stone Carving classes and tuition

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